About Us


AirGuns made their name from sport shooting and now it’s a nationally renowned brand and reliable address which is also known for hunting and airsoft. AirGuns is a long time importer for many popular brands with a portfolio which keeps on expanding.

However, AirGuns had become a big brand in the market with an incredibly wide range of products & accessories. Our motive always stands with customers first and our staff members are involved in sport shooting, hunting, and airsoft, which really makes the conversation between the customers much easier. With more than decades of experience on one side and on the other side we have good customer service and a friendly ambience. AirGuns has built up extraordinary customer relationships nationwide.

AirGuns aims to provide quality services and support, while still getting stocked with large variants of rifles, handguns, shotguns, and accessories. AirGuns is the most extensive website to buy online for air gun enthusiasts in India. With over a decade of experience in the air gun business, we are confident enough to do the favour for our customers. We are specialized in high-quality air guns & rifles, as well as pellet pistols & accessories from the world’s finest air gun manufacturers. We also have accessories, ammunition and scopes that feature the top-rated brands. We have everything that you need to enjoy the great sport of air-gunning on our website so that you can choose wisely based on your choice. We are getting new stocks and importing new products every now and then.


AirGuns Delivery

We can deliver our range of products directly to your doorstep nationwide. We offer this door to door delivery service of airguns for an attractive price. Please note that due to new laws, our items will be delivered by us, not a private courier company.

AirGuns Quality Assurance

AirGuns assures you quality, as it will be tested before delivering to the customer. AirGuns check all air guns, air rifles and air pistols to ensure that they are working properly. In case, if you have any issue with your air rifle or pistol, don’t hesitate to contact us.

AirGuns Warranty

AirGuns provide a one year warranty to all airguns, air rifles & air pistols products. In addition, if you buy your airgun, air rifle or air pistol from us, then AirGuns offer a free lifetime repair service. But, this service excludes the shipping and parts charges.

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