AirGuns Delivery Service Policy

AirGuns Delivery

How the Personal AirGuns Delivery Service Works

Due to the new Government Legislation all air guns, air rifles, air pistols and silencers must be sold on a face-to-face basis from a Registered Dealer.

Rifles have always had the requirement that they be sold on this basis.

Placing your order

Airgun Orders

we can deliver any of this range of items directly to your door if you live in India. We offer this personal door to door delivery service of Airguns for a competitive price. Please note that due to the new legislation these items can no longer be posted or sent with private couriers.

Visiting Us

You can of course buy your airguns and CO2 Guns, air rifles, air pistols, shotguns, rifles, ammo, and accessories, from our store in Bangalore. Please bring proof of identity and age.

If you have a particular item in mind, it is best to contact us in advance so we can ensure the item is in stock.

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